M. J. Solomon
M. J. Solomon earned master’s and doctoral degrees from Rice University. His debut horror novel, The Suirlang Chronicles: Lee, released in 2017 and was a finalist in the Writers Network Annual Screenplay and Fiction Competition. The Suirlang Chronicles: Beginnings, which shows the genesis of the creatures found in the series and the influence they have had on the history of humanity, will soon follow. 

Solomon also is an award-winning screenwriter who has written screenplays that range in genre from comedy and romantic comedy to horror and drama. His screenplay Darnell was recently chosen as Best Feature Screenplay in the Mediterranean Film Festival—Cannes. His screenplays have also won or been a finalist in such international and national competitions as The Sundance Feature Film Program, The Jamerican International Film and Music Festival, Hollywood Black Film Festival, UMFF Urban Media Film Festival, Scriptapalooza, and Screenwriting Showcase Awards.

Solomon is also active in the independent film community and has written, directed, and produced a number of short films and music videos that have won awards and/or been official selections of such film festivals as the New York Independent Film Festival, the European Film Festival, the Toronto Independent Film Festival, the Canned Independent Film Festival, the London International Film Festival, the Canada International Film Festival, the Worldfest Houston International film Festival, the Hollywood Black Film Festival, the Toronto Online Film Festival, the San Diego Black Film Festival, and the Jamerican International Film & Music Festival.