The Suirlang Chronicles: Lee

Lester Brooks, a somewhat sheltered African-American high-school graduate, begins the long hot drive from Missouri to Texas with his temperamental ex-girlfriend, Teri. There the two will begin their freshman term at the University of Houston. But when miles and miles of road construction divert them from their planned course, they find themselves roaming the Great Plains of Texas in the darkness of night with not a single town in sight.

Without warning, Lester strikes something in the road that nearly flips the car over and leaves Teri injured and unconscious. Shaken, Lester tends her wounds as best he can, then seeks whatever he hit… only to be attacked by a terrifying preternatural creature. Barely managing to escape, Lester drives his sputtering car to the small town of Lee. But the citizens there wave off his tales of monsters as they set about healing Teri and repairing his car. Forced to linger, Lester soon intuits that all is not as it seems in the quaint little town. He expects to spend a few miserable days being subjected to the usual small-town suspicion. Instead he finds himself preyed upon by frightening creatures, loses his heart to a woman with dark secrets and finds himself thrust into the role of reluctant hero.